From open-air live concerts, to vibing night clubs, to family-friendly street festivals — TribalNeed offers a versatility that caters to a variety of contexts. Get a taste of the experience with the videos below.

Sound Ceremonies

A journey into introspective and melodic techno. This is TribalNeed's deep existential research to the furthest reaches of the mind. Socially connected, physically distanced in an open field at sunset. Bring your own blanket or pillow, drinks, and food, and enjoy this very personal live concert performed with a unique live-looping technique.

Street Festivals

The street performance has a loose timeframe and requires a very limited space, so it is flexible and adaptable to the nature of each event. Riccardo accompanies the didjeridoo and the kelp horn with other African instruments like the Kalimba, and melts the sound with an electronic looper: the effect is hypnotic.

Clubs & Dancefloor

Witness full songs getting composed live in front of your own eyes. Get soaked into deep and powerful melodic house and techno.

Private Events

Introduce your guests to a unique, transformative experience – the TribalNeed performance can be adapted to suit almost any event.